Mobile Homes For Sale

If Your Mobile Home Is For Sale OR If Your Buying A Mobile Home, Begin Here!

How To Price Your Mobile Home When Selling It

There are many resources you may use when trying to determine the value of your mobile before you put it up for sale. Like any item you are trying to sell, market conditions in your geographic area will certainly dictate much of your pricing. Below are some key points to consider.
  • If your mobile home or park model is in a resort, mobile home community, etc. spend an afternoon researching units within your community that are for sale.
    • Be sure to find out the square footage, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, year of the unit, attachments, what is included with the sale (i.e. furniture, appliances, lawn equipment, etc.)
  • Call around to local new mobile home dealers asking to speak with someone that can help you value your mobile home. Many times these dealerships are more than happy to help because they will be interested in finding out where you may be moving once you sell your home (this is a form of prospecting for them).
  • Use web sites that sell mobile homes in your geographic area to find mobile homes for sale in nearby communities that are a fair comparison.
  • Use the NADA web site to find the high, low and average sale price of your make and model of mobile home. Please keep in mind these figures are national figures, your geographic area may be higher or lower based on economic conditions and do not forget to factor in the value of items you have added to your mobile home such as carports, sheds, decks, additions, etc.
  • Last but not least, you may want to hire a certified appraiser to value your mobile home. This may become very helpful during your selling negotiations with potential buyers.